Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Importance of Reproductive Health

aThe need and importance of reproductive health education in the context of Nepal is described as followings.

  • Parents do not seem to eager to discuss sex with their children when they talk is about it, to little too late.
  • Adolescents said that they could be open about sex with parents
  • Parents have not information to give to the children
  • Peers and friends may also have little accurate knowledge about basic fact of reproduction
  • Need to correct the main information adolescent believe in
  • Reproductive health education can give the correct and factual information to prevent unsafe sexual behaviour, HIV/AIDS and STL, sexual abuse, adolescences pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy and child birth, unsafe abortion, getting larger family size and so on.
  • Reproductive health education assists the youth in learning how to cope with physical, emotional and social changes
  • Reproductive health education helps in the developing knowledge, values and skills necessary for adult life, marriage, parenthood and participation in the life of the community.

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